CEO 인사말

Message from CEO

Company Name : KDGTECH
Founded : June 18. 2008
Chief Executive Officer : Wan-Sik Kim
Message from CEO
: KDGTECH was founded in 2008 and continuously invested in and worked to develop Korea`s automobile and clectronic parts industries.

Both domestic and international consumers have realized the benefit of using the wide variety of automobile lamps and HID systems from KDGTECH.

The new millennium has ushered in a new way of thinking and a fresh attitude at KDGTECH.

We are renewing our efforts to meet the needs of our customers by developing innovative digital technologies and broadening the scope of our high-quality HID system.

KDGTECH is dedicated to manufacturing highly functional, state-of-the-art parts that satisfy the ever-changing trends of today`s marketplace.

The grobal IT industry has given KDGTECH an opportunity to diversify and grow into a leading HID System manufacturer.

KDGTECH is dedicated to solid, steady growth as an innovative manufacturer and respected partner with our valued customers. We are looking forward to meeting the needs of today`s marketplace.

Thank you.